Why practise yoga?

Yoga has proven to be beneficial in many health conditions, both physical and mental. Issues such as asthma, back pain, arthritis, hypertension and diabetes, amongst others, have been controlled and improved thanks to yoga. Similarly, the practice offers tools to deal with anxiety, stress and depression.


It is important to understand that although, in most cases, practising yoga will increase your health and wellbeing, if you suffer from a specific condition we recommend you consult with a doctor before starting your yoga journey. Let your teacher know about any injuries, heart conditions, pregnancies, and anything else that you think might affect your practice. 


Here are some benefits you might notice after practising regularly:


Stress reduction: when you practise yoga you immediately feel a sense of relaxation, which helps reduce stress. Breathing techniques and meditation will strengthen your nervous system, reducing your stress levels on a long-term basis. Stress is associated with most widespread diseases in our century, such as high blood pressure and heart disease; by reducing your stress levels, you are likely to reduce the incidence of some of the most common diseases.


Detoxification: the gentle stretches and organ massage that we experience practising yoga stimulate the circulation of blood through our body, transporting oxygen and nutrients and flushing out toxins. This contributes to a stronger immune system, delayed ageing and an increase in energy levels. The breathing exercises promotes a balanced metabolism, cardiovascular health and stamina.


Health maintenance: yoga helps decrease blood pressure, lowering your heart rate. Twists, inversions and folds massage our inner organs and internal glands, keeping away disease. Similarly, by toning our muscles and losing weight, yoga promotes health and vitality.


Mental and emotional benefits: yoga is an opportunity for introspection and inner awareness. After a yoga practice most people feel a sense of balance and internal harmony. Meditation provides clarity of the mind, and a positive outlook, creating a sense of gratitude and an ability to prioritise. Yoga makes you feel good.



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