4 week teen yoga program

with Robyn McLaren

This 4 week program is designed as an introduction to yoga for teenagers. Using breath, movement and mindfulness techniques to create space in both the body and mind to help release stress and anxiety. These classes are focused for teenagers, and are opportunities to explore the yoga practice in a relaxed and fun way to give you skills and knowledge you can incorporate into your life when you need it. No experience of yoga is needed.

Week 1 –  Using Breath 

In this first class we will explore movement, and how to use the connection of movement and breath to both energise and calm the body. Introducing basic breathing techniques for lowering stress and finding space and calm when we need it. 


Week 2 –  Connecting To Your Uniqueness

Looking at the poses, and exploring variations for each of our unique strengths. We will look at how different poses can look, and challenge the ‘norms’ to find our own poses and variations that work for us in our unique bodies to create both strength and flexibility.


Week 3 – Incorporating Mindfulness

This week we dive a little deeper into aspects of meditation and mindfulness to help to start bringing in practices to help reduce stress and anxiety and empower us through stillness and the power of our thoughts. 


Week 4 –  Living Our Yoga

In this final week we bring all of the aspects explored through the program together and look at how we can use this practice for ourselves to lower stress, manage anxiety and create balance in body and mind. 


4 week program. Fridays 5:30 – 18:30pm

26th April until 17th May | £40

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