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reiki level 1 training

With Sarah Wheeler

6th and 7th June 2020 · 10am-6pm

To choose to learn Reiki is to say ‘yes’ to the Universe that you are ready for a spiritual awakening. It is saying yes that you are ready to connect with your true self on a deeper level than you may have felt was possible.

During the weekend you will learn / receive / practise

· 4  attunements which will open and connect you to Reiki

· Some history and philosophy of Reiki as a spiritual path

· What is healing? / The four planes of healing

· The chakra and tanden system

· How to connect with Reiki for your self-healing practice and for sharing with friends and family

· How to ground and clear your energy body with Reiki techniques

· How to give yourself a Reiki session

· How to share Reiki to friends and family

· Using Reiki creatively in daily life

· The Reiki precepts

· Introduction to meditation for a daily practice and the importance of meditation on the Reiki path / Guided meditations

· Feeling an aura

· Information about how to navigate the 21 day post attunement process


· Opportunity to access ongoing support around your self-practice

· Opportunity to connect and speak with Sarah during the 21 day clearing process

· Option to be part of the brand-new Reiki Renge student online community

Certification as Reiki Level 1 practitioner

Course fee: £167 + VAT

Limited spaces available


Sarah is a Reiki Master Practitioner /Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and Usui Shiki Ryoho. Sarah is the founder of Brighton based Reiki Renge (pronounced ren-gay). She shares Reiki with clients, in her workshops and through the joyous art of teaching Reiki students. She is delighted to be teaching Reiki Level 1 at the studio.


In Sarah’s words… “In its most recognisable form, Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system which can be used for self healing and to help others, however Reiki is an boundless Spiritual path. Reiki is just one of the many offerings that Universe wants to bestow on us. Reiki can help improve our physical, emotional and mental health. In addition, we live in a society where being busy and burn-out seem to be lauded social trends, so it seems even more pertinent for Reiki to be used as a method for slowing down, re-charging our minds and bodies. For me, one of the most important hidden benefits of Reiki is the energy's potential to reconnect us with our deeper awareness for how our bodies really feel and what they really need. This can help us attend to our genuine needs rather than compensating our depleted energy with more work, more possessions, more socialising…the list goes on. Reiki helped me calibrate who I really am with what I really need. I want that for you.

what is reiki?

Usually when we people hear the term Reiki,  what comes to mind is the hands on healing  or energy healing that Reiki Practitioners may advertise or offer. However, this practical application of Reiki for healing ourselves and others, is just one face of Reiki. It is a Spiritual path of its own which draws upon the mysteries of nature, the universe, the human spirit, life force energy and ultimately, the discovery that we are all one. We discover first hand and over time that separation is an illusion.


Reiki is a Japanese healing system that promotes wellness across all for planes of healing. These being; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. This is why Reiki is known as a holistic system, because Reiki and the Reiki practitioner approach all beings as a whole system where mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked. This is where many Eastern approaches to healing differ from twentieth century allopathic Western approaches, with the latter looking to treat tangible symptoms of an ailment rather than looking to promote wellness across the four planes of healing.

is this training for me?

If you are finding yourself at a place in your life where you are feeling disconnected from your true sense of self, your path or a purpose, or if you are feeling that it's time to listen to your soft inner voice that it is time to discover these things, the Reiki path is a path which if practised over time will lead you home to your truth. Reiki is a healing path which enables us to turn our lnner light on and shine it bright and proud! When attuned to Reiki, we get to be the light that is the true essence of existence, and demonstrate this light and compassion which are so needed on this planet during the times we find ourselves living in.

More info about this training

I will be teaching from the two main Reiki lineages which originate from Japan and from the West. These are called Usui Reiki Ryoho  and Usui Shiki Ryoho. Both of these methodologies originate from Mikao Usui and were passed down to his students, then their students, then their students, fast forward a number of years and now these teachings are being passed on to you! Incorporating both lineages into your practise will give you a very comprehensive tool box of theories and techniques which will help develop your own Reiki practice.


As a Reiki Master Teacher, I whole heartedly believe that the best way to understand Reiki and energy is to experience it yourself. You could read a thousand Reiki books (and there are some fabulous ones out there!), research online, watch online attunements, but this will not be an authentic experience of how Reiki feels like for you, how it manifests as sensation in your physical body and energy body.


For this reason, I teach Reiki Level 1 over a full weekend course (16 hours) so that you can feel the energy, practise techniques such as breathing and meditations, and begin to learn to work with Reiki for yourself as path of self-development. Some Reiki 1 courses happen over one day or even a few hours online, but I have learned from my own experience as a student that an immersive yet relaxed course with more contact hours with a light-hearted teacher (like myself!) is a more helpful, enjoyable and experiential way to learn Reiki.


This course will be compliant with the Reiki Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards. Some shorter courses do meet with these requirements.


This Reiki Level 1 course is the first step on the Reiki journey. It will be held over a weekend (10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday) and will initiate and introduce you to the system of Reiki. You will be attuned to Reiki in a ceremony so that you can receive universal energy and connect to its flow. Reiki Level 1 is a course which primarily focuses on personal development, Reiki for self healing and sharing Reiki with family and friends.

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